What are Bombus beeswax wraps?

Bombus beewraps are the perfect reusable alternative to single-use plastic food wrap and zip-lock bags. Want to keep that half-eaten apple fresh until lunch? Want those green chillies to stay green for another week? Want to cover that half-eaten salad bowl to stay fresh until tomorrow? Or simply want to wrap that sandwich on the go? Bombus is the game-changer in the sustainability efforts from your kitchen. Forget plastic, upgrade to Bombus.


The seal of purity

100% Natural

Bombus wraps are 100% organic made out of cotton, pine resins, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

Antibacterial and Antifungal

The combination makes it natural, preservative-free, anti-bacterial as well anti-funga

100% compostable

Beeswax wraps are completely biodegradable and can be merged into your garden soil.


Reusable and sustainable

The beeswax makes it water-proof and adds to its reusability. The pine resins give it a slight sticky texture that is perfect to seal and close as an alternative to zip lock bags. And Jojoba oil gives it a smooth finishing.


Plastic free packaging

We are committed to a plastic-free planet and refrain from using any plastic even in the packaging of Bombus wraps.

Join the growth story

Meet Shiela. She works at the Bombus warehouse with us. Sheila lives in the outskirts of Delhi. She has a daughter who studies in grade 4. Sheila loves her work. She believes that it gives her a chance to send her daughter to school. She dreams of her daughter to grow up to be a successful entrepreneur.

Several women like Shiela work with Bombus. We believe in empowering women to take their own financial decisions and become capable of managing their own finances. From the Jojoba sourcing from Rajasthani women to the entire production and packaging of the Bombus packets, we work with several women at every step. Bombus is a woman owned and women-run setup which aims at the development of an entire community ecosystem associated with us.

And it is stories like Sheila that drive us to do what we do each day, every day.